Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charity, Robots and Line Dancing.

The Junior Miss contestants went line dancing over on the USS Alabama battleship memorial grounds and did some charity work with kids. Also I made a picture of a few kids at a summer camp building robots one day on my way to work. The Junior Misses have kept me very busy for two days (JD Mercer would make a joke about that sentence if he read this). I don't mix work and play. Much.

Line Dancing and a tour of the USS Alabama.

I think that the line dancing excitement claimed the eyepiece on my Mark2. I noticed this morning that it was gone. I bought another one for a good deal already, this time I'll throw some trusty gaffer tape over the top of the eyepiece to make it stay (longer). At least I didn't break a(nother) filter.

The next morning (this morning), charity work playing with kids:

JD Mercer says I need to use off camera flash a lot more. He is right. We'll see what tomorrow brings. The Junior Misses are touring University of South Al which should be well lit outdoors. But I do need to practice with off camera flash a lot more. Looks like I'll be in need of a guinea pig. Uncle Larry is a prime candidate. Here he is enduring one of my typical test shots.

Summer camp:

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